In Germany the STRABAG Group consists of various subsidies and associated companies such as STRABAG AG or Ed. Züblin AG, which are active in all segments of the construction business.
The expansion process of STRABAG SE to becoming one of the leading construction companies in Europe began in 1997 with the acquisition of the majority stake in STRABAG AG, Cologne. STRABAG AG was founded in 1923 and since then has continuously expanded its services based on Transportation Infrastructures and civil engineering to building construction, project development as well as environmental technology.

In 2005, STRABAG SE acquired the majority stake in Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart, which was founded in 1898. Thereupon, STRABAG AG, Cologne, disposed its Building Construction & Civil Engineering activities to its sister company Züblin and focused predominantly on the Transportation Infrastructures segment. Through the steady acquisition of companies including Heilit+Woerner Bau GmbH, Preusse Group as well as Stratebau GmbH, STRABAG AG expanded its leading position in the German market. Ed. Züblin AG has also become a leading company in the German Building Construction & Civil Engineering segment.

In 2015, STRABAG established a single brand identitiy in its transportation infrastructures business in Germany. 18 companies – including Heilit+Woerner, Hermann Kirchner and F. Kirchhoff – are renamed or merged.

Since 2016, Ed. Züblin AG has been a 100 % subsidiary of the STRABAG SE Group.

Since December 2017, following an upstream merger squeeze-out of the minority shareholders, STRABAG AG of Germany is a 100 % subsidiary of the group.


Output volume 2022: € 8,347 million
Employees: 28.887

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