STRABAG Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, there are some affiliates domiciled - the largest of which is the company STRABAG (transport infrastructure construction and structural and civil engineering).
In the field of transport infrastructure construction, the company STRABAG Rail (railway construction) is active.

In the Czech Republic, the Group STRABAG has at its disposal also a strong material platform - asphalt mixing plants (the company STRABAG Asfalt), quarries (the company Kamenolomy ČR) and concrete mixing plants (the company Frischbeton), as well as a number of specialized companies such as e.g. SAT (milling, recycling), OAT etc.


Output volume 2022: € 1,093 million

Employees: 4,155

Kačírkova 982/4
158 00 Prag 5 - Jinonice
Czech Republic
Tel. +42 222 868-111
Fax +42 222 868-196

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