In 1989 the Austrian BAUHOLDING AG acquired the company Aszfaltútépítő Vállalat, whose name then became Magyar Aszfalt Kft. A short time later STRABAG HUNGÁRIA Építő Kft. was set up by merging several transportation engineering companies, in 1990.
As a result of circumstances within the industry and the market in 2007, the Group separated some of its main activities: Building Construction & Civil Engineering were assumed by STRABAG Magasépítési és Mérnöki Létesítmények Kft., and Magyar Aszfalt Kft. took over Transportation Infrastructures.

STRABAG's range of services embrace all fields of the construction industry, especially building construction, Transportation Infrastructures, tunnel and bridge construction, the construction of sports facilities and power stations as well as waste disposal.

The company performs its activities according to the audited ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 quality management systems, which is also a requirement of its main suppliers and subcontractors.


Output volume 2022: € 688 million
Employees: 2,978

STRABAG Építő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
Gábor Dénes u.2. (Infopark D)
1117 Budapest
Tel. +36 1 358 5000
Fax +36 1 358 5480

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