BIM.5D® as seen from experts

  • In the past we built things too. But in a different way.
    written by Sarah Buchner, 2.9.2018

    Name: Sarah Buchner


    Department: Subdivision Digitalisation

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  • Transparency and trust, together with the use of new technologies, is a must
    written by Theo Strohal, 2.5.2018

    Name: Theo Strohal

    Entity: BIM 5D® Vienna

    Position: Group Manager

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  • A future orientated step with its own philosophy
    written by Aleksey Komarichev, 19.12.2017

    Name: Aleksey Komarichev

    Company: ZAO STRABAG

    Position: Lead architect BIM 5D® TEAM Russia

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  • The next step in the future of designing and building
    written by Madeleine Vivien Maierhofer, 19.10.2017

    Name: Madeleine Vivien Maierhofer

    Company: Lindner AG/3rd Semester Master Studies in Civil Engineering at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

    Position: Internship as Assistant to the Project Management

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  • A Challenge and an Opportunity for the Future
    written by Jens Hoffmann, 23.8.2017

    Name: Jens Hoffmann

    Unternehmen: STRABAG AG, Zentrale Technik Wien

    Position: Business Unit Manager, Technical Office Vienna

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  • A new way of working together!
    written by Lynn Hiel, 12.4.2017

    Name: Lynn Hiel

    Company: Ed. Züblin AG Central Technical Office

    Position: BIM Manager

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  • The courage for innovation will be rewarded!
    written by Martin Gschweidl, 14.3.2017

    Name: Martin Gschweidl

    Company: FH Campus Wien

    Position: Student – Civil Engineering and Construction Management

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  • A powerful tool that allows us to better network and to further improve our processes.
    written by Dr. Ing. Ian Quirke, 16.2.2017

    Name: Dr. Ing. Ian Quirke

    Company: Ed. Züblin AG, Subdivision Mitte

    Position: Staff Division Manager Technical Office

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  • An enormous opportunity for all construction participants
    written by Thomas Jester, 24.1.2017

    Name: Thomas Jester

    Company: Ed. Züblin AG

    Position: Business Unit Manager Technology & Construction Processes

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  • An invaluable tool
    written by Ole Kongsbak, am 10.12.2016

    Name: Ole Kongsbak

    Company: Realdania By og Byg A/S

    Position: Head of Construction

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  • Building Information Modelling is the future
    written by Marc Stephan, 12.12.2016

    Name: Marc Stephan

    Company: Ed. Züblin AG

    Position: BIM Manager

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