Financing structure

The number one objective for the treasury management of STRABAG SE is assuring the continued existence of the company through the maintenance of constant solvency. This objective is to be reached through the provision of sufficient short-term, medium-term and long-term liquidity. Liquidity for STRABAG SE means not only solvency in the strict sense but also the availability of guarantees. The activity of building requires the constant availability of bid, contract fulfilment, pre-payment and warranty guarantees and/or sureties. The financial scope of action is thus defined by sufficient cash and cash credit lines, on the one hand, and by sufficient surety credit lines, on the other.

The management of liquidity risks has become a central element of the corporate management at STRABAG. In practice, liquidity risks come in various forms:
  • In the short term, all daily payment obligations must be covered in time and/or in their entirety.
  • In the medium term, liquidity levels must be sufficient so that no transactions or projects become impossible due to a lack of sufficient financial means or guarantees or that they cannot be executed at the desired pace.
  • In the long term, there should be sufficient financial means available to be able to pursue the strategic development targets.

In the past, STRABAG has always oriented its financing decisions according to the risk aspects outlined above and has organised the maturity structure of the financial liabilities in such a way as to avoid a refinancing risk. In this way, the company has been able to maintain a great scope for action, which is of particular importance in a difficult market environment. The respective liquidity needed is determined by targeted liquidity planning. Based on this, liquidity assurance measures are made and a liquidity reserve is defined for the entire group.

The following tables demonstrate the payment obligations of STRABAG SE as of 31 December 2022.

Payment obligations of STRABAG SE as of 31 December 2022

Payment Obligations
Book value
31 December 2022
€ million
Book value
31 December 2021
€ million
Bank borrowings
Lease liabilities

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