Supply chain

The value chain at the STRABAG Group
We offer services around the world along the entire construction value chain. These include services in design, construction, modernisation and deconstruction. Every project is unique and a new challenge, with constantly changing participants. Our construction activity is resource- and energy-intensive. This results in an enormous potential to increase our sustainability performance, e.g. through the use of innovative construction products and energy-saving construction methods. When it comes to social policy issues such as work safety, health hazard materials or illegal employment, we are working to counter the risks along our value chain.


A building’s lifecycle begins with design and project development. The demand for sustainable buildings is growing. Our services include the auditing of new and existing buildings for the purpose of sustainability certification.


Contract award is followed by the construction phase, our core competence. The site facilities are set up, and subcontractors and suppliers are hired. Some 68 % of our expenses are for materials and services. The procurement of third-party supplies and services therefore is an important part of the construction process.

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The purchasing of supplies and services for our construction projects is handled by our regional purchasing organisations on a project-by-project basis. In markets with limited competition, our purchasing is handled centrally. The central purchasing organisation coordinates and supports the regional purchasing. With this combination of regional and central procurement strategies, we maintain a necessary level of flexibility while bundling our demand potential in difficult markets.

About 70 % of the costs for third-party supplies and services are for the purchase of subcontractor services. When purchasing subcontractor services, we demand certain confirmation from the subcontracting firms before contract conclusions, e.g. regarding their creditworthiness or their compliance with labour law provisions. All subcontractor firms are rated in our procurement information system following project execution. This helps us to document risks concerning quality as well as social or environmental issues. The information is useful in the selection of sustainable subcontractors for future projects.

The construction materials that we use comply with the legal provisions. We also focus on optimised production processes, especially in our own construction materials network. Regular quality controls, in particular of purchased construction materials, are part of our daily business. When purchasing construction materials for buildings to be certified to sustainability criteria, we also demand a detailed self-report from our suppliers in order to ensure that all participants are focused on sustainability.

We are concerned with the safety of our own employees as well as of those working for our subcontractors. The work safety provisions on our construction sites apply to both our workforce as well as to the staff of the subcontracting firms.

Use and modernisation

In sustainable building, the lifecycle costs are already considered during the design phase. We strive to realise energy-efficient, low-emission buildings, even in projects where sustainability certification is not an aim.


Every building has a clear and obvious potential regarding the exploitation and re-use of construction materials. With the aim of further increasing our recycling rates, we can make an important contribution to saving resources.

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