Corporate history

Today’s STRABAG Group has its origins in ILBAU, founded in 1835 in Austria, and in the namesake STRABAG, founded in 1895 in Germany. Over the years, the company has grown – in part through acquisitions – into one of Europe’s largest construction companies. In our activities, we can draw on the know-how and experience built up over more than 180 years of doing business.
1835Foundation of the family craftsman's business Anton Lerchbaumer, Spittal/Drau, Austria 1866Foundation of the ironworks “Remy & Reifenrath”, later entry in steamrollers and the road construction business
1895Foundation of “Straßenwalzenbetrieb vormals H. Reifenrath Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”, Niederlahnstein, Germany
1923Foundation of “Straßenbau-Aktien-Gesellschaft”, Niederlahnstein
1929Foundation of “Baumeister Lerchbaumer – Isola – KG”, Spittal/Drau, Austria1930Introduction of the STRABAG company name
1949Name change to “Baumeister Isola & Lerchbaumer KG”
1949Listing of STRABAG AG, Cologne on the Stock Exchange
1972Reorganisation as ILBAU-Aktiengesellschaft1965Foundation of STRABAG Austria in Linz
1987Foundation of BAU HOLDING AG as the holding of ILBAU 1986Change of STRABAG Austria into a joint stock company and initial listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange
1990Initial listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange og BAU HOLDING AG
1996Acquisition of a majority stake in STUAG
1998BIBAG Bauindustrie-, Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-Aktiengesellschaft as majority owner of BAU HOLDING AG takes over the majority in STRABAG AG, Cologne. BAU HOLDING AG – with the main operative company in the group, ILBAU – and STRABAG AG, Cologne become sister companies.
1999Complete takeover of STUAG by STRABAG, Austria. Financial settlement of free float of STRABAG, Austria and delisting from the Vienna Stock Exchange.
2000The BAUHOLDING STRABAG Group is unifying its brand identity. Business throughout Europe will be conducted under the core STRABAG brand. The ILBAU and STUAG brands will be discontinued. In Austria, the companies ILBAU and STUAG will be merged into the new STRABAG AG. Merger projects in the remaining European markets will follow.
2001BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG becomes majority shareholder and parent company of STRABAG AG, Cologne.
2002STRABAG AG, Cologne takes over Deutsche Asphalt Group with 1,500 employees and building output of approx. € 150 million.
2003Spin-off of the free float of BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG and delisting from the Vienna Stock Exchange.
2004In October 2004, the legal form of BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG changes to Societas Europaea (SE), a company structure based on European law, the firm's name has thus now changed to BAUHOLDING STRABAG SE.
2005The STRABAG Group acquires significant portions of WALTER-BAU Group, including parts of DYWIDAG Group, HEILIT+WOERNER and a majority of Ed. Züblin AG. This increases the group’s output volume by around € 2.3 billion while securing some 5,700 jobs.
2006With the change of name from BAUHOLDING STRABAG SE to STRABAG SE and consolidation of FIMAG with the company, STRABAG SE becomes the new controlling company of the group.

In Germany, STRABAG AG’s Building Construction & Civil Engineering segments are sold to Ed. Züblin AG as of 1 March 2006.
2007In April, STRABAG SE announced the entry of a third strategic core shareholder, Rasperia Trading Limited, a holding company owned by Russian industrialist Oleg Deripaska, which acquired a stake in the share capital of STRABAG SE. In this context, STRABAG SE increased its nominal share capital by 25 million shares from 70 million to 95 million. The original shareholders of STRABAG SE also sold a small amount of their shares to Rasperia Trading Limited.

On 19 October 2007, STRABAG SE launched its IPO in the Prime Market Segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse). The shares were offered at € 47 a piece, giving STRABAG SE proceeds of € 893 million from the IPO.

2008The year 2008 is a year of acquisitions. Alone eight larger acquisitions – among them Adanti SpA (Italy), KIRCHNER Holding GmbH (Germany), F. Kirchhoff AG (Germany) und Deutsche Telekom Immobilien und Service GmbH (Germany) – led to a rise in the output volume by € 2.0 billion.
2012STRABAG organises its management board responsibilities by geography rather than by construction segments. The task force “STRABAG 2013ff” is founded.
2013Thomas Birtel is appointed new CEO of STRABAG SE. Hans Peter Haselsteiner become authorised representative responsible for internationalisation and strategic orientation of the group.
2014Core shareholder Rasperia Trading Ltd. raises its stake in STRABAG SE to 25 % + 1 share.

STRABAG establishes a single brand identity in its transportation infrastructures business in Germany. 18 companies – including HEILIT+WOERNER, Hermann Kirchner and F. Kirchhoff – are renamed or merged.
2016In April 2016, a share purchase agreement was concluded with the minority shareholders of Stuttgart-based Ed. Züblin AG covering 42.74 % of the holdings in the company. The STRABAG Group has thus increased its stake in Züblin from 57.3 % to 100 %.

The share capital of STRABAG SE was reduced to € 110 million through the withdrawal of 4,000,000 own shares.
2017Since December 2017, following an upstream merger squeeze-out of the minority shareholders, STRABAG AG of Germany is a 100 % subsidiary of the group.
2023Klemens Haselsteiner becomes CEO of STRABAG SE. Thomas Birtel is stepping down as Chairman of the Management Board after ten years after having reached the specified age limit.

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