STRABAG Inc. has been operating in the North American market from 2005 specifically in Canada and has executed/ is executing various projects throughout Canada.
Some sample projects are described herein.

Niagara Tunnel Project - our initial key project - has been chosen as the 2013 Canadian Project of the Year by the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC). Under extremely difficult geological conditions we have utilized a TBM (tunnel boring machine) that is still one of the largest hard rock TBMs in the world. The Niagara Tunnel Project involved the excavation of a 14.4 m diameter water diversion tunnel, 10.1 km in length, up to a depth of 140 m below the surface.

Southeast Collector (SEC) Trunk Sewer - a 15 km long sewer that will carry untreated sewage from York Region to a treatment plant in Durham Region and the Mid-Halton Outfall Tunnel project which centers on the excavation of two deep shafts and a 6.3 km rock-bored tunnel is designed to carry treated effluent water from the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Oakville into Lake Ontario.

In addition to the success in the field of infrastructure & tunnelling STRABAG Inc. accomplished the construction of the first
Designer Outlet Center in North America situated close to Vancouver International Airport. This project reinforced Vancouver International Airport’s role in the economic development of British Columbia and Canada – construction alone created 200 new local jobs, with 1,000 new jobs in place after completion of the centre.

STRABAG Inc. has the full support of its parent company STRABAG SE in Europe, and can rely on all resources and services, which include financials, equipment, personnel, technical knowledge, engineering and a vast experience in international tunnelling from all branch offices and subsidiaries.

The good cooperation and working relationship between our clients, the owner’s representatives and STRABAG itself served as foundation for the very successful conclusion of all projects and will serve as base for a thriving future.

More information on our tunnelling-projects is available here.


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