Efficient organisational structure

The management of the risks and opportunities receives significant support from the group’s organisational structure. The uniformity of the organisation creates economies of scale and results in efficient controlling and reporting. Under the roof of the parent company STRABAG SE, a number of legally independent subsidiaries are active in their respective national markets. The top level of organisation are the segments North + West, South + East, International + Special Divisions and Other (this segment comprises the central divisions and the central staff divisions), each of which is headed by at least one member of the Management Board.

Management Board is the group’s top management body. It is responsible for maintaining the group’s financial balance and determines its strategic goals. The Management Board regularly discusses matters of corporate responsibility and sustainability. During the execution of these tasks, the Management Board is supported by the divisions as well as by the central divisions and central staff divisions (service companies).

The division managers coordinate and steer their subdivisions and report directly to the member of the Management Board responsible for their division. They manage their business independently and on their own responsibility within the framework of the group’s business policy. It is their responsibility to reach the objectives laid out in the strategic and operational planning and to realise the specified individual measures.

The operating business is managed by the
subdivisions, which in turn are organised into individual business units. They are responsible for the greatest possible success in their regional markets or business fields and are managed by the superordinate division managers.

central divisions handle the group’s internal services in areas such as accounting, financing, taxes, IT, human resources, real estate, insurance, project risk management system and system development, equipment and vehicle management, quality management, health/safety/ environment and energy management, technical consultation, quality assurance, digitalisation/innovation/business development, prequalification, contract management and legal services. As competence centres, they support the operating units so these can concentrate on their core business and deliver their services to the clients in an efficient manner. The central staff divisions are responsible for internal audit, communications and Business Compliance. They report directly to the CEO.

While important decisions at the Management Board level are made during regular board meetings, the
four-eyes principle applies at the levels below. For us, this dual management structure ensures efficient risk management and foresees that responsibility is largely assumed jointly by one technical and one commercial manager.


The business of STRABAG SE was divided into four segments in 2022, of which there are three operating segments, North + West, South + East and International + Special Divisions, and the segment Other, which encompasses the group’s central divisions and central staff divisions.

In 2022, the segments were comprised as follows:

The North + West segment executes construction services of nearly any kind and size with a focus on Germany, Poland, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Ground engineering can also be found in this segment.

The geographic focus of the segment South + East is on Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia as well as on the region South-East Europe. The environmental engineering activities are also handled within this segment.

The segment International + Special Divisions includes, on the one hand, the field of tunnelling. The concessions business, on the other hand, represents a further important area of business, with global project development activities in transportation infrastructures in particular. Regardless of where the services are rendered, the construction materials business, including the company’s dense network of construction materials operations but with the exception of asphalt, also belongs to this segment. The real estate business, which stretches from project development and planning to construction and operation and also includes the property and facility services business, completes the wide range of services. Additionally, most of the services in non-European markets are also bundled in the International + Special Divisions segment.

With only a few exceptions, STRABAG offers its services in all areas of the construction industry in the individual European markets in which it operates and covers the entire construction value chain. These services include:

North + West
South + East
International + Special Divisions
Residential Construction
Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Public Buildings
Engineering Ground Works
Bridge Construction
Power Plants
Roads, Earthworks
Protective Structures
Sewerage Systems
Production of Construction Materials
Railway Structures
Waterway Construction, Embankments
Landscape Architecture and Development, Paving, Large-Area Works
Sports and Recreational Facilities
Ground Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Production of Prefabricated Elements
Real Estate Development
Infrastructure Development
Operation/Maintenance/Marketing of PPP Projects
Property and Facility Services

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